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Benson, Mark KB3DTN Secretary (email)
Bergholtz, Deacon KB3CAU  
Betz, David N2WFY  
Borchilo, Richard WA3MCH Treasurer
Chisholm, Gary WA3NSM  
Cihon, James K3TLP President
Davis, Ethan  KB3EGG Web Editor
Exley, David KB3EHA
Fanning, Ginny KB3GFY  
Fanning, William N3VVZ  
Gosnell, Wilson Jr. N3VWA  
Griffin, John  "Ed" AB3FD  
Hall, Michael N3QQH Director
Hillman, Ralph KA3CDH Director
Jones, Betty KB3HSA  
Jones, Duane KA3CUR  
Kimmel, William "Bill" KB3PLS  
Kline, Edward Jr. KA3YKN  
Kline, Marjorie N3IFQ  
Kline, Edward Sr. N3HWQ  
Marshall, David AB3I         (KB3EQA)  
McCaskey, John N3CUP  
McGranahan, Lawrence N3TTG  
McGranahan,  N3VON  
Mowery, Michael KE3JP (Web) Life Member
Muddiman, Charles N3WTY  
Nagurney, John K0ZPG  
Phillips, Frank KB3OCT  
Rushton, Cynthia WB3CNJ  
Samec, Russ KB3CIT  
Shallenberger, Mark N3PBQ (Web)
Smith, Gerald WA3ZSC  
Taylor, Dennis KB3EHB  
Taylor, William KB3DBB  
Tolbert, Jamie WW3S Vice President
Turner, Bob  KA3HBB Life Member
Wade, Kelly KE5BHL  
Wade, Tom KA3KQH  
Wenner, Ron N3UTR  
Williams, Fred N3QFA Director


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November 11, 2008

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