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C.A.R.S. Repeaters

The club maintains several repeaters in Crawford County. All VHF and UHF club repeaters transmit a PL of 186.2 when a carrier is heard on the input. If you set your radio to receive in PL mode only this will make it easier to listen to the repeater.

145.13- is the main repeater transmitting from the Crawford County Fairgrounds, from a site owned and powered by the county. The repeater provides public service with skywarn communications for the National Weather Service's skywarn program, support to the county emergency services, red cross, and other public service organizations when they hold an event. This repeater is also the home to a nightly net at 9pm (except meeting nights and holidays). The purpose of the net is to test communications and pass traffic from the National traffic system. Long tone alerts are also available on this repeater. When in PL mode, a 186.2 hz tone is needed to access the machine and a morse code "s" will be used for the courtesy tone. At all times, the repeater transmits a 186.2 hz tone when carriers are received (this makes it easier to use cross band repeat or block out the various announcments the repeater conducts.

147.03+ repeater is located on a site on Route 27 east of Meadville but is currently transmitting on reduced power on a backup repeater donated temporarily by a club member. The tower site is club owned and maintained. The repeater usually requires a PL of 186.2 to reduce the interference from Ohio and areas to the south. The repeater also is home to an Echolink node with the assistance of a club member. If you are aware of a node you want to connect to just enter that number (this repeater does not mute tones so the # is not necessary before a node number). When your conversation is complete, then dial # to disconnect (double # is only necessary if the repeater mutes tones). For a list of node numbers and instructions go to or for specific information about our echolink the weblink on the left bar of this page.

444.075+ is one of the few UHF repeaters in Northwest Pennsylvania. It has a simple CARS morse code controller and broadcasts from a tower located on Radio Hill just outside of Meadville, PA. At times a PL of 186.2 is needed to access the system due to interferance and distant repeaters on opposite split pairs. When in the mode a morse code "s" is heard.

29.64- is currently off the air.


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October 18, 2008

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