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The 147.03 repeater has a linked radio to the Echolink network and its node number is 349977. To access the network you need a node number and the most updated information is available on

To randomly connect to a site just send a 00 over the repeater and unkey
The echolink will answer with the callsign of the chosen connection
When you are finished talking on the connection, please send a # to disconnect

Some of the frequently used area echolink node numbers are:

Call Sign Node Number Location Frequency
(quick code 71) N8CT-L 179729 Ashtabula, OH 146.715/R (PL 141.3)
(quick code 15) KA3IRT-R 176150 Moon Township, PA 444.150   PL 100.0
(code 10) N3APP-R 9534 Erie, PA 147.270 & 443.375
KB3GRF-R 246769 Sharpsville, PA 444.375   PL 131.8
WB8CXO-R 92910 EN91gd  N. OH 144.330   PL 110.9
(quick code 85) N3TN-R 286427 Beaver, PA 146.850   PL 88.5
N8JBT-L EN91ma   146.490   PL 123.0
N8PB-L 329119 EN91iq 147.570
N8BHU-R 167172 Kent, OH 442.025   PL 131.8
K8ZFR-R 343470 Independence, OH  
KB8WLW-R 146520 Cleveland, OH 145.410   PL 110.9
K8YSE-R 6563 N. Royalton, OH 444.075   PL 131.8
WB8ZFL-L 292603 Moon Township, PA 223.575   PL 88.5
W8IZ-R 3049 N. Olmsted, OH 444.125   PL 131.8
W3YJ-R 177325 Univ. Of Pittsburgh 443.450   PL 100.0
VE3STR-R 72886 St. Thomas, Ont.  147.330   PL 114.8
N3FLR-R 117715 Pittsburgh, PA 145.470   PL 71.9
K8JWS-R 287241 NOARS-K8KRG  Rptr. 146.700
W8HF-R 4634 N.Ridgeville, OH 145.230   PL 110.9
VE3JOR-L 4593 EN93ia  Rede de Links 146.565
VE3NCQ-L 309497 Chatham, Ont. 147.420
VE3BNW-R 232071 Hamilton/Niagara 442.725   PL 131.8
K8JRG-L 214357 Wheeling, WV 146.760
VE3ODX-R 283408 PN03ch 442.225   PL 131.8
KF8SR-L 334590 Moundsville, WV 2 meters
VE3JWH-L 47525 Niagara Falls, Ont. 147.525/145.525
N3YFO-R 295354 Johnstown, PA 145.210/145.390  PL123.0
K2RLD-L 7435 Niagara Falls, USA 146.475
VE3UJ-L 156592 Parkhill, Ont. 146.130
KB8RYA-L 225112 Mansfield, OH 146.500   PL 71.9
KB3GUN-L 23115 Somerset, PA  WR3AJL 146.625   PL 123.0
KR3ORY 3176 Altoona, PA 442.100   PL 167.9
N8AD-L 54056 Erie, PA HF/VHF remote base
(code 39) KD8ASE-L 377903 Conneaut Ohio 147.39
(code 31) K3WWA-R 380167 Erie County PA 147.315
(code 61) KB3NAT 354117 Erie area PA usually 146.61 or simplex
(code 11) AA2AD-L Union City 146.70 (PL186.2)
KB3RDO 392756 Erie usually simplex
(some removed at AB3I's request):

Link info (repeater callsign): *
System status (connected status, link status): **
Disconnect last station to connect : #
Disconnect all stations: ##
Listen only mode (Will not forward audio): *20
Disable listen only: *21
Connect to any random node: 00
Connect to random link (repeaters primarily): 01
Connect to random conference (more than one station): 02
Connect to specific station, enter 4 or 6 digit Node ID See notes

RACES capable repeaters in this region should all be a 2 digit number starting with 1. 

If necessary we have up to 70 two digit numbers that can be used for favorite nodes.

If any one knows of any repeaters in northern Ohio or NW Pa that have
echolink and serve as skywarn repeaters in their areas, please speak up.

FAVORITE NODES thus far are:
WR4MG repeater (Dave's home repeater): 20
WA4ORT repeater (via N4CI link): 21
KD4YDC repeater (major Ga. skywarn hub:) 22
KB8WLW repeater system (Cleveland) 23
Echo-link Test server (record/playback audio): 99

You can look up nodes by going to
and search by any number of criteria, including geographical location,
city name, etc. The one search function that seems to be strangely
absent is a call sign search. The echolink software itself provides
such a function though. Once you've found the node number you want,
simply enter it directly via DTMF.

If you enter tones and it gives no response, it typically means it
dropped one or two and doesn't see a complete command. If you get a
"not found" error, try the number a couple of more times to be sure it
didn't misinterpret, but links drop and come on-line frequently. Try
the node again later and you'll likely have better luck. If you get a
"not found" error when entering a two digit favorite command, e-mail
Dave, AB3I.

When entering tones, the software is pretty good about picking them
up, even with a bit of noise. However, if you've got a really
scratchy link to the repeater, or less than ideal audio, give it nice
long tones with a distinct break between tones to help it pick them
out accurately. Common echolink courtesy is to identify by callsign
and location when connecting to a node outside the local area.

Remember that capture effect applies with tones. If the link radio is
transmitting, it can't hear incoming tones, and if someone else is on
the repeater, you'll have to overpower them to shut it off. Apparent
dropped tones are often because you're transmitting over the tail end
of one of echolink's voice announcements or a station on the link,
cutting off the first tone.

Some echolink nodes are capable of extremely advanced features,
including, but not limited to, fully functional HF remote
transceivers, satellite transceivers with auto tracking antennas, and
other similarly cool experimental systems. I'd encourage you to poke
around and see what's out there. The state of Georgia uses echolink
for its Skywarn backbone with fantastic results. The NWS office has
the entire state at its finger tips with the push of a button, without
the need for complex RF links, or 6m/HF backbone frequencies. When
you see storms rolling through Georgia, connect to KD4YDC (favorite
22) to listen in.

Enjoy the link!
Dave, AB3I


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Date page last updated:
May 05, 2008

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