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InfraGard is a Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) program that is designed to promote dialogue between their agency and the private sector.  

ARRL is beginning to get involved.

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Allen W. Clark, C.E.M., B.S.

Chairman, Northwest Pennsylvania Emergency Response Group - 2 (N3YLP)

– The U.S. Fire Administration’s National Fire Academy is pleased to announce the launch of a new web-based online training system NFAOnline. It provides an easy one-stop website where fire and emergency services personnel, first responders, emergency management personnel, and the general public will find free training and education programs that they can complete at their own pace. It provides a “user-friendly,” state-of-the art training system with technical support and the ability for the student to immediately print a certificate and transcript.  The primary effort of NFAOnline is to make available training and materials for the fire service, particularly those unable to attend resident courses in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

There are currently several courses available in the new NFAOnline.  Additional courses are in development and will be added as they become available.  Course subjects include Community Safety Educators, Fire Service Supervision, ICS 100 and ICS 200, Emergency Response to Terrorism, and Emergency Medical Services. 

 To enroll in NFAOnline, visit and browse the course catalog through the ‘New Students’ option.


  Emergency Medical Services Courses (1)

EMS Operations at Multi Casualty Incidents


  Emergency Response to Terrorism Courses (1)

Emergency Response to Terrorism: Self-Study


 Fire Prevention Courses (2)

Alternative Water Supply: Planning and Implementing Programs

Testing and Evaluation of Water Supplies for Fire Protection


 Incident Management Courses (3)

ICS-100, Introduction to ICS for Operational First Responders

ICS-200, Basic NIMS ICS for Operational First Responders

 Command and Control Decision Making at Multiple Alarm Incidents: Self-Study New


Management Science Courses (1)

Fire Service Supervision

newsletter is now online. It has a lot of information and photos.



Weather/Emergency Services:

Track the water-flow, depth, and speed of French Creek at Meadville.

This is a good site to monitor possible flooding along the French Creek and in areas of low elevation. Check out the site below for real-time data.

NOTE: When observing the data from this site, keep in mind that the Flood Stage at this point of reference is 14'.

Click here to check using or you can check using

Meadville Weather Forecast

National Weather Service Cleveland

National Weather Service Pittsburgh, PA

Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network ( SATERN )

ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Courses

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services ( Races )

ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service ( ARES )

ARRL National Traffic System ( NTS )

National Weather Service Skywarn Page


Amateur Radio:

American Radio Relay League ARRL

ARRL Newsletter in Textor Audio

QRZ call sign database

RTTY Links

eHam, Your place to take a practice test

FCC/Total Information/Resource For The Amateur Radio Operator


Amateur Radio/Technical:

ARRL Technical Information Service

Tubes/What Kind Is it/What's It For


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November 03, 2007

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